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domingo, 12 de julho de 2015

Presentation "The Checklist Paradox", by Lorelei Lingard

Today I want to recommend the viewing of a brilliant presentation, made by Lorelei Lingard, titled
 The Checklist Paradox, by Lorelei Lingard
"The Paradox Checklist".

In her presentation, Lorelei tells us about not one, but of three paradoxes on the use of checklists, and in particular of the "surgical checklist".

Who can claim to have no difficulty in ensuring the implementation of this tool? And even when getting high compliance levels of 95% or more, who does not have the knowledge that patients are really not safer because of it?

Do not be discouraged by the time (45 minutes presentation + 11 minutes of questions and answers). It´s really worth listening to, and perhaps it will help you to improve our practice.
(Click on the image to access the presentation)

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