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segunda-feira, 10 de agosto de 2015

Checklists - Why are they failing?

In the beginning the initial trials involving the implementation of hospital checklists seemed to result in lower infection rates, lower mortality rates and fewer post-surgical complications, long-term analyses of the success of such checklists in many hospitals are getting uninspiring results, according to an article from Nature.

Among the studies now being conducted to determine why the checklists fail in practice, one reported that the World Health Organization's surgical checklist was met with concerns that it was “inappropriate” or “illogical”, a “waste of time”, and in some cases, “not completed by staff”.
I have already seen this reality!

To deal with these concerns, some experts recommend tailoring checklists to the workflow and needs of a specific hospital. This requires time and observation in order to incorporate the strategies that will help overcome cultural and logistical challenges within a health system.

Surely this is a huge challenge for hospitals with "accreditation programs" that require the use of a specific checklist (Be it the WHO or time-out).

You can read the full report here.

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